Fettuccine with Mixed Greens

from the kitchen of Chef Paul Prudhomme

Makes 4 main-dish servings

12 ounces nonfat cottage cheese
1 (5-ounce) can evaporated skim milk
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
3 cups chopped onions
1 cup chopped celery
2 tablespoons Chef Paul Prudhomme's Vegetable MagicŪ
1 cup apple juice
4 cups chopped fresh mushrooms
4 cups chopped mustard greens
4 cups chopped collard
4 cups chopped chard
3-1/2 cups vegetable stock
3 cups cooked fettuccine
how to prepare

Place the first 4 ingredients in a blender and purée until smooth and creamy to make the creamy mixture; set aside.

Preheat a heavy 5-quart pot, preferably nonstick, over high heat to 350°, about 4 minutes.

Add the onions, celery and 1 tablespoon of the Vegetable Magic and cook, checking the bottom of the pot occasionally for sticking, until the vegetables start to brown, about 8 minutes. Add the apple juice, clear the bottom of the pot of any brown bits, then add the mushrooms and the remaining Vegetable Magic. Stir and cook until most of the liquid evaporates, about 7 to 8 minutes. Add all the greens and 3 cups of the stock, stir, and cook for 6 minutes.

Add the puréed creamy mixture and stir well. Caution: Dishes using these creamy mixtures can "break" or curdle easily if they are brought to a full boil. Therefore, bring the liquid just to a gentle boil, stir immediately, then reduce the heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. Add the remaining ½ cup stock, stir and add the fettuccine. Stir and cook until the pasta is heated throughout, about 5 to 6 minutes. Serve immediately.

Copyright © 1993 by Paul Prudhomme

From Chef Paul Prudhomme's Fork In The Road