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Consumer Poll: Original Seven Magic Seasoning Blends

Which is your favorite of Chef Paul Prudhomme's legendary original seven spice blends?

Meat Magic
Vegetable Magic
Seafood Magic
Blackened Steak Magic
Blackened Redfish Magic
Poultry Magic
Pork & Veal Magic

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"Always Cooking" Cookbook and Four Seasonings
 Looking for the recipe for TURDUCKEN? Well, here it is!!  Currently airing as a series on American Public Television, Chef Paul Prudhomme's newest cookbook, "Always Cooking," has Turducken and much more!. This collection of scrumptious recipes is brimming with the creativity and varied flavors you've come to expect from Chef Paul... with a special bonus - FOUR, 2-oz. bottles...
Price: $19.95
Click here to get it autographed!

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie - TO ORDER CALL 1-800-457-2857
SPECIAL PRICE $ 40.00Fans of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant are just wild about this Chef Paul Prudhomme original! Our Sweet Potato Pecan Pies are made in K-Paul's own bakery using our luscious, local sweet potatoes and freshly shelled, native pecans. Each is crafted into an impressive 2" deep, double-decker 10" pie that's as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. Makes 12-16...
Please call to order.

Chef Paul Prudhomme's - Kitchen Expedition Cookbook
Take an adventure with Chef Paul as he leads a flavorful expedition filled with foods that create exciting new flavors -- from the steamy French Quarter to the harbor of Hong Kong --- these unique recipes combine ingredients with imagination. Step by step instructions make even the most challenging dishes easy to duplicate in your home kitchen. Have fun creating Chef Paul's Mixed Berry Cobbler...
Price: $8.95
Click here to get it autographed!

Total Magic Giftpack - Pure Magic
THIS EXCITING GIFT SET comes with a copy of Chef Paul Prudhomme's Pure Magic cookbook and a collection of nine of Chef's famous Magic Seasoning Blends® (Meat Magic®, Poultry Magic®, Blackened Redfish Magic®, Seafood Magic®, Blackened Steak Magic®, Pork & Veal Magic®, Vegetable Magic®, Herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic®, and Hot & Sweet Pizza...
Price: $29.50
Click here to get it autographed!

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Glaze
Chef Paul has created a unique blend of sugar,spice and "everything nice" for use as a glaze on ham,fish or meat. Also for use as an ingredient in desserts or sauces. For use as a ham glaze, just follow the instructions on the package and enjoy! For other applications, use as a sugar substitue or add to a sauce as a sweetener. Be creative and send us your own special recipes with Magic...
$1.79 - $4.25

Chef Paul Prudhommes's Pure Magic Cookbook And Four Pack
Now, At last, Chef Paul gives us his best recipes using Magic Seasoning Blends. He does it all in this collection of savory easy-to-use recipes, bringing out a symphony of flavors and smiles of pure pleasure. NOW Includes 4-pack ($10.95) value.
Price: $16.95

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