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Seafood Recipes

Artichoke Prudhomme
Makes 6 appetizer servings
Avery Island Seafood Gratinee
Makes 4 servings
Avocado Stuffed with Crabmeat Salad
Makes 6 servings - A delicious spring and summer dish...healthy too!
Barbecued Shrimp
Makes 2 servings - I want to warn you right now this is fun but messy to eat! In New Orleans most people wear bibs when they eat it, because you peel your own shrimp and dip them in the sauce. And most of us soak up more sauce with our French bread.
Basic Seafood Stock
Makes about 1 quart
Basque Chicken and Shrimp in Wine
Makes 4 servings - This traditional dish from the Basque region of Spain boasts a blend of tantalizingly subtle flavors that we've rounded out with a complement of seasonings. Serve with thick slices of peasant bread and a salad of crisp greens in a ligh...
BBQ Shrimp (Reduced Sodium)
makes 4 servings - This is a great lower sodium recipe!
Bienville Stuffing
Makes about 4 cups - This stuffing is excellent in many dishes such as Fried Oysters Bayou Teche or use it to stuff soft-shell crawfish or other seafood such as trout. You can use any leftover stuffing in Bienville Sauce and serve it over the stuffed sea...
Catfish Courtbouillon
Makes about 11 cups
Chicken and Seafood Jambalaya
Makes 4 main-dish or 8 appetizer servings - When I was growing up, jambalaya was a reality at least once a week. You would think that I would be tired of eating it, but quite the contrary. It's a great rice dish with a smoky flavor and an explosion of t...
Chilled Shrimp Dip
Makes 3 ½ cups
Crab Cakes
Makes 10 to 12 crab cakes, enough for 5 or 6 main course servings or 10 to 12 appetizer servings
Crab Louis
Makes 4 lunch servings - Most reports agree that this dish was first created in San Francisco around the turn of the century.
Crabmeat Avery
Crabmeat Stuffed Potatoes
Makes 6 Main-Dish or 12 Side-Dish or Appetizer Servings
Crawfish & Tasso In Cream On Pasta
Makes 4 servings
Crawfish and Cilantro Slats
Makes 12 servings - This wonderful appetizer can be made with shrimp instead of crawfish if you prefer, use a pound of 40 to 50 count, which will be just about the same size as crawfish.
Crawfish Enchiladas Con Queso
Makes 10 servings - This recipe works equally well substituting 3 pounds of peeled medium-sized shrimp for the crawfish. The sauce is also great over spaghetti or rice.
Crawfish Mushroom Omelet
Makes 4 omelets
Crawfish St. Charles
Makes 4 servings
Crawfish, Shrimp, or Crabmeat Pasta
Makes 2 main-dish or 4 side-dish servings
Curried Shrimp
Makes 6 cups - The fresh chile peppers are important to this dish, but it doesn't matter greatly what kind you use, although red ones are best.
Deviled Crab
Makes 6 servings - Although the word “deviled” originally indicated a dish that was fiery because it was prepared with hot seasonings, today deviled foods aren’t necessarily hot - merely spicy.
Egg Foo Yung
Makes 8 servings - The combination of tastes and textures of the fresh seafood and crunchy sprouts make this Chinese-American dish practically irresistible.
Fish En Papillote
Makes 6 servings - The long-famous Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans is credited with inventing Pompano en Papillote, created in honor of a celebrated balloonist who was visiting the city. The parchment paper used in the dish was intended to represen...
Garlic Seafood on Pasta
The sauce for this dish is best if made two servings at a time. If you want more than two servings, make separate batches and serve each piping hot.
Hawaiian Shrimp Salad
Makes 4 servings
Indulgent Six Spice Shrimp - Salt-Free Sugar-Free Seasoning Blend™
Makes 2 servings
Lemon Pepper Mahi-Mahi - Salt-Free Sugar-Free Magic Seasoning Blends™
Serves 2
Louisiana Crawfish Boil
Makes 4-6 servings - Live crawfish are shipped to various markets around the country, and your fish market may be able to get them for you if you put in an order.
Louisiana Shrimp Boil
Makes 4 to 6 servings - Live crawfish are shipped to various markets around the country, and your fish market may be able to get them for you if you put in an order. Of course, in Louisiana they're available almost everywhere from about November through ...
Magic Shrimp Scampi
Serves 4
Pick Up Sticks
Makes About 32 Springrolls
Saucy Sausalito Stir Fry
Makes 8 cups
Seafood Crêpes
Makes 6 main-dish or 12 appetizer servings
Seafood Jambalaya
Makes 6 to 8 main dish or 16 appetizer servings
Seafood Queso
Makes 2 Quarts
Shrimp and Corn Bisque
Makes 4 quarts
Shrimp and Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
Makes 2 dozen
Shrimp Creole - Salt-free Sugar-free Magic Seasoning Blends™
Makes about 10 servings - A reduced-salt version of a New Orleans favorite!
Shrimp in a Salad Sauce
Makes about 6½ cups - We've jazzed up this shrimp and tomato dish with the addition of fresh ginger and sprouts. We used alfalfa sprouts, but you can use any variety of bean sprouts, radish sprouts, or whatever kind is available when you shop.
Shrimp or Crawfish Etouffee (Stew)
Makes 8 Servings - Etouffee means smothered, and in this traditional Louisiana dish the shrimp or crawfish are smothered with a great combination of seasoned vegetables in a dark roux.
Spicy Tom Yum Soup
Makes 6 cups
Serves 24-30 people - It’s a lot of fun to let your guests think you’re serving them a regular holiday turkey. When you start to carve the “turkey,” they’ll be quite surprised to see you cut through its “bones”!
West Coast Egg Foo Young
Makes 8 servings - A great way to start the day – or finish it – is with this Chinese-American specialty. Egg foo yung is said to have been created by a Chinese cook working on the Central Pacific Railroad in the mid-1850s. Although the dish has no ...