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Pressure Cooker Short Ribs and Vegetables

Serves 2

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4 pieces beef short ribs, about 2 pounds
2 cups bell peppers, red, yellow, & green, cut in 1-inch squares
2 medium onions, peeled and cut in quarters
1 cup water
how to prepare

Season the ribs evenly on all sides with the Meat Magic®.

Place a rack in the pressure cooker. Add the seasoned ribs and water to the cooker. Close the cover securely. Place the pressure regulator on vent pipe. Place the cooker over high heat and bring the cooker up to 15 pounds pressure. Lower the heat and cook 30 minutes at 15 pounds pressure with pressure regulator rocking gently. Remove from heat. Let pressure drop of its own accord. As soon as the pressure has dropped completely, open the cooker and add the bell peppers and onions, surrounding the ribs. Return the cooker to high heat and bring up to 15 pounds pressure. As soon as pressure is reached, remove the cooker from the heat. Let pressure drop of its own accord again. As soon as the pressure has dropped completely, remove the ribs and vegetables from the cooker. Serve immediately.

Price: $3.00
Meat Magic® 2oz.
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